2018 Speakers


Survival guide for new vegans

Alexandra Pawlitka


This talk will focus on the approach to veganism from the perspective of a person who is either transitioning or has just adapted to a vegan lifestyle. It will focus on adapting parts of everyday living to cruelty-free with looking at developing awareness of the impact of veganism.



Plant Proof Your Plate

Fern Mellor and Dr John David Smith


Whole food plant-based nutrition: a recipe for health and wellness that’s too good not to share. *Warning! May contain vegetables…*

Join us as we explore the evidence behind a healthy vegan diet as a means of disease prevention and management.

Be informed. Be empowered. Be inspired.

You are about to make the three most important decisions of your life so far… what to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner!



Ethical Veganism: a beginner’s guide

James Bastone


Why do people become vegan, is there such a thing as the perfect vegan, and how do I argue productively with people on the internet?

This talk will address these questions and many more, whilst giving you the tools you need to think critically, identify poor arguments and make strong, logical arguments yourself.



If I get dementia will they serve me meat?

Kim Stringer


As vegans – or vegetarians – we worry about what might happen to our food preferences as we age. Will our lifestyle and beliefs be understood and respected in a caring environment? If we get dementia, will they serve us meat? V for Life is the leading authority on diet and healthy living advice for older vegans and vegetarians. We urge you to get informed – if you aren’t already – about these important issues.



The intersection of veganism and feminism

Dr. Jo George