2017 Speakers

The Scottish Animal Behaviour and Rescue Centre

Who we are, why we do what we do and meet the residents.

Time: 11:00am

Chairperson Mike Milne gives an introduction to SABRC, your local vegan-run animal Sanctuary and introduces you to some of the non-human residents in their care.





Alexis Fleming

Georgia’s Story: Born With An Expiry Date

Time: 11:30am

I will speak about the little-understood genetic burden carried by every egg-laying hen, how this affects them, and what I am doing to bring awareness to the catastrophic reproductive system failure from which they suffer. I will live up to a promise I made to my friend Georgia when she died to tell her story; how we made her live, how hard she fought for her life, and why she died.






Falda from faldaeats.com

Vegan Parenting

Time: 12:00pm

My aim as a vegan mum-to-be was to ensure I had the knowledge and understanding to embrace a sustainable healthy lifestyle for me and my baby…and it works…so far!






Go Vegan ScotlandGo Vegan Scotland

Vegan Advocacy and Vegan Rights

Time: 1:00pm

Two part session:

  • Part 1 – the Go Vegan Scotland Approach: what we do and why it works.
  • Part 2 – Vegan Rights: using the rights of vegans to advance the rights of non-human animals.




Grampian Hunt Sabs

Hunt Sabbing & The Badger Cull: Everything You Need To Know

Time: 2:15pm

Grampian Hunt sabs are one of the several very active groups in Scotland tackling illegal fox hunting and saving wildlife. We take direct non-violent actions to save the lives of Scottish wildlife.


Marc Wood

Co-founder of Vegans of New York

Time: 3:30pm

The benefits of a whole food plant-based diet and the true cost of our diets.







Vegan Business Panel Discussion

Time: 4:15pm

Are you interested in starting a vegan business, or already have a vegan business and would like to learn more from four of Scotland’s most innovative vegan businesses, then this is the discussion for you. Hilary Masin (Sgaia Foods), Marie Savage (Humble Stuff), Melanie Blane (White Rabbit) and Molly Jacob (Almighty Foods) will be on hand to answer any questions you may have and give an insight into what it takes to run awards winning independent businesses.