Our aim is to spread veganism and positive change throughout our community. We will do this through encouraging positive social change, community building and supporting local vegan organisations and businesses.

To encourage positive social change, we will promote radical veganism which focuses on challenging systems of power that affect animal rights, human rights and the environment. This translates to the promotion of the vegan lifestyle, sharing factual and actionable information, leading by example in our communities and, promoting justice, nonviolence and peace.

Communities are the backbone to all movements. We will help build and support the local vegan community whilst promoting inclusivity and equality – finding out what the community needs rather than assuming. This can be achieved by being actively part of the community and making space for others.

Our annual event celebrating veganism will elevate groups and organisations, giving them a platform and the opportunity to grow. Where possible, we will seek out opportunities to support local projects and organisations more frequently.

All fundraising will be used to support local groups or other charities that share our ethos.

The Dundee Vegan Festival will always be a non-profit, volunteer-run organisation. We will never have any paid for positions and will never compromise our values for the sake of fundraising.