Dundee Vegan Festival, established in 2016, is a non-profit, volunteer-run celebration of everything vegan in Dundee and surrounding areas. Showcasing charities, businesses, creatives and organisations that promote the vegan lifestyle and radical ideas for positive change.

The festival is a place for vegans and vegan-curious people to come and see what the vegan lifestyle has to offer and how veganism plays a significant and necessary role in positive social and ecological change.

Whilst the lifestyle aspect of the festival is fun and full of treats, Dundee Vegan Festival is also a place to come and find out about why veganism and animal rights are important. Not only that but we also provide a place for community development.

Dundee Vegan Festival provides a platform for people and groups to share advice, ideas and learnings from all areas surrounding veganism and animal rights.

We endeavour to ensure that our events are accessible, representative and inclusive.

All profits are distributed to local charities.