Charity Announcement 2020

We’re so happy to announce that Dundee Vegan Festival 2020 will be supporting Dundee Food Bank and Grampian Hunt Sabs!

The Dundee Food Bank continues to directly support Dundee directly by sourcing and supplying food to people that need it. Dundee is a proud city and we’ve experienced many trials in recent years. The Dundee Food Bank is pivotal to providing community support and we proudly support them and their work.

Grampian Hunt Sabs are an established direct action group that, amongst other actions, directly oppose the hunting of animals; most notably foxes and badgers. We think it’s vital to support activist groups such as the hunt sabs as it serves as a reminder that veganism is more than a consumer boycott.

We’ll be collecting cash donations for both groups on the day as well as safe for vegan donations to the food bank. Closer to the time we’ll circulate a list of needed items for the food bank.

Please don’t wait until April to support these amazing groups you can do it now via: