Diverse Voices Wanted

From day one, Jamie and I knew that we needed to use Dundee Vegan Festival as a way to platform as many amazing people as we could. Three events later, we are still resolute in what we set out in our constitution and our committee has grown and become much more diverse.

A trend we’re very aware of in the vegan community is that there is an abundance of white, abled, cisgender men who get all of the attention and funding to promote a bland and single-issue interpretation of veganism. There are so many amazing voices out there with inspirational perspectives and deep understandings of veganism and animal rights that need to be given focus.

Our festival is a space for the core philosophy and ethics of veganism to shine along with introducing people to how animal rights intersect with other liberation and social justice movements. This year (and moving forward) we are committing to supporting vegan speakers from BAME, LGBTQIA+ and disabled communities that want to speak at our event as they have been underrepresented in who we have showcased so far. To do this we’re able to compensate and work with you to facilitate your participation at our event. If you’re interested in speaking at Dundee Vegan Festival, please email us and let’s start talking.

Please submit a speaking application to us by January 2020.


Please note that we will not accept any applications from people associated with:

  • Anonymous for the Voiceless (AV) – why?
  • Direct Action Everywhere (DXE) – why?