Help Promote Dundee Vegan Festival 2017

Hey Vgang! We need your help.

Next week we have billboard posters going up around the city centre of Dundee (WOO!) and we wanna try and reach as many locals as possible by getting our posters and flyers out too.

Our poster is available online to download as an A3 poster which can be downsized in your print settings to A4. We’d love it if you could print some out and put them up at your workplace, school, college, community hall etc.

If you are in the city centre of Dundee we’ll be able to give you copies if you let us know how many you would need in advance.

Additionally, we’ll be distributing flyers in the city at the weekend. If you are able to help please get in touch.

Keep sharing the Dundee Veg Fest Facebook event, that really helps us reach lots of people on social media.

We can’t wait for the event and hope you’re getting excited too!